Python is very easy to read and write can understandable by non-programmer it is just like the English language.

In this tutorial just looking into the f-string in the print statement.

For example:

>>> name = john,

>>> age = 27,

>>> occupation = singer

>>> print("%s is %d years old"%(name,age))

>>>print("{}is years old".format(name,age))

>>>print(f'{name} is {age} years old')

The f string has the f — prefix and uses flower brackets to evaluate values.

Format specifier does typecast, padding, and aligning are specified after the colon character just like the above-mentioned example.

python f-string used with expressions, dictionaries, debugging, multi lining alignment, calling a function, format DateTime, formats floating values, to specify the width of the column, in justifying the string characters.

For more information:

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what is a variable?

a variable is a place to store the information for that value. The type of a variable can be changed according to future uses.

what is the type of variable: There are many types of variable which can be used in many programming languages…


I found pandas profiling interesting

Generating profile reports from pandas library it's very easy right now by using simple two lines of code which reveals all the information about the which is hidden and can come out only using a few and more commands.

But using Pandas profiling is very targeted we plot the…

The concept of changing your day.If you don’t make your 24 hours goal right, why you are expecting a lifetime gonna right…. Isn’t right?

Yes, that is absolutely right a day mean for your lifetime achievement without a day, one year cannot be completed. …

Collecting the Data for analysis

In General, let's understand what is web scraping, and the uses of web scraping.

**what is Web scraping**

Web scraping is the technique in which we can collect the data from any website. The web scraping software may access the data while web scraping can be done manually by the software tool.

Note: You should be very careful you proceeding for scraping some of the sites will not allow collecting the data through any tool, before proceeding please read their terms and conditions…

Knowing k fold cross-validation with little funny small emojis

What is cross-validation?🌈

  • Cross-validation is a technique for assessing how the results of a statistical analysis will generalize to an independent data set.
  • Validation of a model includes that the models perform good data on new data and helps in selecting the best model…

Explanation of SVM algorithm hyperplane.

The Original SVM was invented by

Vladimir Vapnik

Vapnik–Chervonenkis theory of statistical learning Vladimir Vapnik(Russia) born 6 December 1936 (age 83) is one of the main developers of the Vapnik–Chervonenkis theory of statistical learning, based on the theory is a form of computational learning theory, which attempts…

How many types of Missing values and how they can be handled?

For Suppose, What happens if data is missing in the dataset…how can you know that data is useful or not useful, you check and verify then only you get to know right!!!

Missing values can reduce the statistical…

Try to learn according to this picture there will be no confusion.

Difference Between Delete, Truncate and Drop

Delete Statement

The DELETE FROM statement deletes one or more rows from the table. You can use the statement when you want to delete existing records.

Syntax of SQL Delete statement


Example : DELETE FROM employee WHERE id =100;

So, seeing this Statement we can say that…

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